Saturday, September 19, 2009

autumn shows

CocoaNymph is pleased to present our autumn concerts, chock full of local talent.

Saturday October 3rd, 8pm - David Newberry and Janine Stoll PLUS special guest TBA

David Newberry sings songs about the social – the way we move together in our everyday lives; at work, at play, in sickness and in health, under the ground or on top of the mountain, at home alone or wasting away in a crowd at the casino.

Influenced predominantly by the older, acoustic music he heard growing up in small-town Ontario (Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan, Townes Van Zant), David tries to modernize this sound by accompanying his folk songs with a Fender Telecaster electric guitar and an ever-changing collection of subtle effects.

Janine Stoll writes clever songs, beautiful songs, and sad songs. Considered to be among Canada's finest songwriters, Stoll lives up to her membership in this exclusive club with an ever-increasing catalogue of acclaimed releases and a penchant for writing “the perfect song.” With a voice both vulnerable and unwavering, Stoll can croon with the best of them.

Find Janine here & here.
Preview David here

Friday October 9th, 8pm - David Blair
back ... Endearing and affecting, [Things Left Unsaid] provides listeners an unforgettable soundtrack for any occasion."
-- Performing Songwriter, Mar/Apr 2009

“I find David's songs compelling. They are full of strong intelligent lyrics creating wonderful images and heartfelt moods, all driven by catchy musical hooks with simple but very good arrangements. I am a believer that no one delivers a song quite like the writer and David is singing proof of that." - DALE RUSSELL – former guitarist/songwriter for THE GUESS WHO

"With his smooth voice and even smoother delivery, Blair brings to our scened-out music scene a refreshing and long-absent attack in the war against artist obscurity, all the while using the true songwriter's weapons of choice: Honesty and talent." - 24 hrs Magazine

Find David here.

Saturday October 10th, 8pm - Genevieve Rainey
genevive likes to write songs. She also likes to do math.

Genevieve writes songs like a cowgirl lassoes a wayward calf. You can almost hear her chasing an idea around the muddy corral of thought, wrapping her mind around it's legs and dragging it home for dinner.

Genevieve does math like an old man runs a marathon. She can do it but it's slow, painful yet admirable as at least she tries. Basically, the reason I am telling you this is that she can do a lot of things, but it's obvious which ones she is strongest at.

Find Genevieve here

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