Wednesday, February 17, 2010

CocoaNymph Welcomes the World!

We were up to our eyeballs in Valentine's goodies, but the sappy smell of romance has cleared the air and we're focused on the games!

To honour the athletes and visitors from around the globe, we are going to make a chocolate based on one Olympic country every day! Every morning, a country will be posted here, and on our facebook page and twitter site. We want to know what you think a chocolate from that country would taste like! We'll take your suggestions and make one!

If we choose your flavour you'll win a box of them (not to mention the fame and fortune of creating your own chocolate flavour), and everyone who suggests a flavour will be entered to win the entire collection of Global Chocolates at the end of the games! We'll keep this up through the Paralympics too, so be sure to play along!

I've gotten the ball rolling today with Ireland - there are beautiful Bailey's Irish Cream truffles just waiting for you to taste at the Nymph today!

Today I'm taking suggestions for Australia - and tomorrow we'll make something inspired by the Land Down Under!