Saturday, January 24, 2009

Valentine's Day

I love my collection for Valentine's day. The handpainted hearts atop the truffles make the pieces look slightly like sushi rolls - a fact that my Vancouver customers LOVE.

I love the decadence of Desire, the cinnamon mousse truffle. I relish making and eating Luscious, the sassy tartness of cherry gelee melding with the mellowness of kirsch liqueur. All year my customers have waited for the return of Blush, with it's heady aroma of rosewater and the delicate pink heart on top. And finally, nothing says romance like Mischief - a champagne and milk chocolate bonbon that to me is the next best thing to an actual glass of bubbly.

This year I'm handcrafting chocolate roses of these will be around soon, but even better, come and see!